Speech Therapy

thumbnailIt is normal for most children to not be able to articulate their feelings. Their vocabulary is not yet enough for them to effectively communicate what it is that they feel. Over time, their communication skills will develop and your child should be able to relate with peers as well as communicate with adults.

However, when your child’s speech skills are delayed for too long, that can be considered a red flag. We advice parents to resort to an effective speech therapist like the one we have on staff at Pediatric Therapy Services.

With a customized therapy plan, we help your child initiate his speech capabilities. We also provide treatment for children who have the difficulties in producing vocal sounds and pronouncing simple words.

Other treatment options include interventions for a child’s lisping and involuntary stuttering as early in their young age as possible. The earlier treatment is given, the lessen chances of the communication impediments or speech deficiencies to develop. Through Speech Therapy, we hope to promote a better future for your child in school, in their potential career and with personal relationships.