About Us

thumbnailPediatric Therapy Services must be Memphis, Tennessee’s most trusted rehabilitative healthcare services provider that focuses on therapy for younger individuals.

Children enjoy being cared and treated by our friendly therapists. We have the most child-friendly professionals that know how to calm down and cheer up a child during therapy. Such professionals hired under our company have undergone extensive experience in the care and treatment of children.

Our services are specially designed for the smaller frame and unique health patterns of a child compared to an adult’s.

Good pediatric services are hard to come by and so we made sure that we have all the pediatric therapy programs you need for your young ones. Your child’s rehabilitative care requirements are met with the same excellent standards that are usually provided in adults settings. The approach to care, however, gives us the distinction because we tailor fit our therapy services for younger patients, making them more receptive to therapy and hastening the healing process.